Jo S. Kittinger
Children's Author, Speaker & Artist
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Author Visits

Author visits plant seeds of imagination. 

                                                                                   Christian Hamff and his Rosa Parks project

Contact Jo to schedule an author visit for your school or writers’ conference. 

I enjoy speaking to students of all ages. For students in kindergarten through 6th grade, I generally talk about my books and the writing process. For older students I can discuss the publishing process and writing as a career. If you are planning an author visit, be sure to utilize my teacher resource worksheets under the Fun Stuff tab.

Presentations for schools include:

•Non-fiction Research and Writing
– Visual presentations enhance this talk about avenues and excitement of research, using my books as a basis, for 3rd-6th grades.
•The Writing Life – A look at the life of an author, including idea mining, first drafts, revision, submission and the publishing process.
•The Magic of Words
– Young students learn the power and magic of words and the basic structure of a story.
•Civil Rights and the Power of Words
– A discussion of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and speaking up for what is right.
– Creative writing workshops for students, spanning from two hours to a week.
•Birds of the Southeast
– A slide presentation for any age.
•Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
– Samples and overhead slides enhance this talk on earth’s treasures for 3rd-6th grades.
•Dead Log Alive!
– A hands-on presentation for small groups which allows for discovering some of the many creatures and plants that make use of a tree after it dies. For all ages.

Presentations for adults include:

•Writing for the Children’s Market
— An overview of various genres and opportunities within the vast arena of children’s publishing.
•Children’s Publishing Boot Camp
— a multi-day retreat or series of classes for an intensive induction into writing for children.
•The Freelance Freeway
— very few authors live off the income of book royalities. Most find creative avenues to add extra income.  Includes discussion on magazines, newspapers, articles, stories, crafts, and more.
•Easy to Read, Hard to Write
–  Easy readers are a niche within children literature with very specific requirements. Jo shares writing and marketing tips in this class.
•Nonfiction: Educational and High Concept 
 – Open the door of publishing with nonfiction. Research and marketing tips along with practical advice for turning your interests into articles and books.
•Simply Amazing Picture Books
— Picture books must be simple, fresh and marketable to capture an editors attention. Learn picture book basics in this class.
•The Power of Words
— Words play a crucial role in every job and relationship. Jo shares her journey in becoming a writer and discusses the power of words in every life.

Keep in mind that new talks can be adapted for a school’s  or conference’s needs!

For more information see How to Plan an Author School Visit or to find other speakers, visit SCBWI Southern Breeze.

"Jo was a phenomenal speaker for our Young Authors Conference!  The students were engaged, attentive, and asked great questions.  Her experience writing children’s books was second to none.  The students were quite impressed with the books she was written, particularly the different perspectives she takes when writing a story.  She was very honest with the students about the process of writing and getting published, but also extremely encouraging.  The feedback from students and teachers was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to a continued relationship!" ~ Michele Haralson, Ph.D., Samford University

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