Jo S. Kittinger
Children's Author, Speaker & Artist
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Jo enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction for a wide range of ages.

 THE HOUSE ON DIRTY-THIRD STREET (Peachtree Publishers, 2012), beautifully illustrated by Thomas Gonzales.

Winner of a 2013 Christopher Award, celebrating media that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” 
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All the houses on Thirty-Third Street were old and run down, but the one with the For Sale sign was the worst. I'd call the whole place "Dirty-Third Street."
"It's perfect," said Mom.
"It doesn't look perfect to me," I said.

    "A tale of generosity, faith and friendship. Share it quietly within and with others. " ~  Kirkus reviews.

The Kids in Building 160 series presents tender stories that arm families with a bit of legal information.

A BREATH OF HOPE: The Kids in Building 160, (American Bar Association Publishers, 2012) illustrated by Chuck Galey, focuses on the plight of a young girl suffering with asthma because of a landlord's neglect of her apartment which is contaminated with mold. Torn between being evicted and the heath of their daughter, the family is connected to a Medical Legal Partner at the hospital who helps them confront the landlord and get needed repairs.

HELPING A HERO: The Kids in Building 160, (American Bar Association Publishers, 2013) also illustrated by Chuck Galey. A young girls uncle returns home from military service overseas depressed, moody, unable to sleep, and unable to hold a job. The girl and a friend visit a lawyer, who in turn connects the girls uncle with an organization specializing in helping returning veterans.

THE BEAUTY OF DREAMS: The Kids in Building 160,  (
American Bar Association Publishers, 2014)The story of a high school student-athlete and musician who learns that he entered the country illegally as a toddler. He lacks the legal status to obtain financial aid to pursue his dream of college, and is possibly subject to deportation. With help from a  pro bono lawyer, the student finds resources to help him stay in the USA and pursue his education.


ROSA'S BUS: THE RIDE TO CIVIL RIGHTS  (Calkins Creek Publishers) is the story of Bus #2857 and its passenger, Rosa Parks, who changed history during the Civil Rights movement. Awarded a Crystal Kite from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

"Powerful." ~ Kirkus reviews.

True Books from Scholastic feature colorful photos, maps and other graphics to engage young readers. Interesting sidebars, activities, and easy-to-read text are perfect for students in grades 2-5.


David Drew Likes Blue and Lindy Lee Loves Pink are available
as electronic download apps through Okenko Books


The titles below are tradionally published, paper and ink books.



When a child begins to understand that marks on paper make words, and they run or stumble into the world of reading, it is an incredible adventure. The easy readers listed above can help a child along that path.

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