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Games, Recipes and Other Fun Stuff

Kids + Games = Fun!
I love games of all sorts, so I decided to create some for you! You'll also find coloring pages, puzzles, recipies and more!  Have fun!

Teachers, you will also find some curriculum tie-ins and reading guides here.

  • A BREATH OF HOPE reading guide
  • HELPING A HERO reading guide
  • Rosa's Bus Curriculum Tie-ins Here you'll find a variety of discussion questions and activities to use in conjunction with Rosa's Bus: The Ride to Civil Rights.
  • ROSA'S BUS Coloring Page  
  • Jo’s Peanut Butter Balls George Washington Carver asked God, “Why did you invent the peanut?” Then George got to work–inventing over 300 things with peanuts. I think God answered his question, don’t you? Here is a recipe you can make with peanuts. Discover what you like best as a coating.
  • Discovery Peanut Butter  George Washington Carver was not the first person to invent peanut butter, but since he re-discovered it, peanut butter has been a favorite food of kids. Just like Carver experimented with peanuts, you can experiment with different flavors as you make your own peanut butter.
  • Chimp’s Termite Mound Jane Goodall learned many things about chimpanzees. She saw that chimps often use tools to help get food. You can pretend you’re a chimp fishing for termites with this fun recipe!
  • Match the Beach Birds  Match pictures of 5 common birds on Gulf Coast beaches with their names. A great companion activity for Going to the Beach.
  • Beach Stuff  Read my book, Going to the Beach, then have fun picking which items to pack for a beach trip.
  • DEAD LOG ALIVE! Checklist. My book Dead Log Alive! looks at some of the many plants and animals that use a tree after it dies. (Teachers: Try this for a fun, hands-on science activity–Take a large plastic bin into the woods and shovel up a piece of dead log with the underlying earth. Let students probe the log to discover the life within, under and on the wood. This funsheet will provide a starting place for their discoveries.)
  • State Birds Word Search Puzzle  This large puzzle contains the state birds for all 50 states! It’s a challenge. Use my field guides Birds of North America, east and west versions, to learn more about these birds.
  • WHEN I GROW UP  Share my Rookie Reader, WHEN I GROW UP, then use this multiple choice questionaire verbally or in written form with young children learning about professions.
  •  Nonfiction Brainstorm  This worksheet helps determine personal areas of interest for writing projects.
  • Character Sketch Worksheet  A fun worksheet to help students flesh out a character for creative writing.
  • Jokes! Just for the fun of it! Jokes about books, libraries, and writing. Ha!
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